The 16 Tech Bridge

The 16 Tech

Bridge Project

16 Tech is currently working to design and build a signature bridge over Fall Creek that will connect the 16 Tech Innovation District to Indianapolis’ nationally ranked research corridor while serving as an architectural centerpiece for the city.

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We know some basic information about the project: where the bridge will be, why a bridge is needed, and when the design and construction work are projected to occur.

But there’s a lot we still have to develop – and we need your input.

Where Will It Be?

Over 10th Street and Fall Creek from the IUPUI medical/research corridor
to the 16 Tech Innovation District.

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Why A Bridge?

The bridge will span Fall Creek to create a direct physical connection between 16 Tech, the
IUPUI-hospital district and downtown Indy.

When Will This Happen?
Construction is projected to conclude summer 2024
MARCH – MAY 2021
Schematic Design

In schematic design, we will work with feedback from 16 Tech and community members to develop the three
bridge proposals in greater detail.

Design Development

Following schematic design, one bridge concept will be selected and advanced further through design
development. This proposal will be developed in intensive detail in advance of preparing necessary construction drawings.

What Will It Look Like?
There are a few values we really care about.

Connecting with people

At the end of the day, the bridge will be successful if people want to use it – to walk across it, to meet friends and colleagues on it, to share conversation and enjoy the views of Fall Creek. This is why stakeholder input is so important.

Thoughtful design decisions

We care about how this bridge will impact the surrounding area. We prioritize the design of lightweight structures in order to minimize our material and environmental impacts.

Connecting with place

We believe in honoring surrounding communities through the project; learning from community members allows us to better understand and affirm the values and identities of the many stakeholders around 16 Tech.

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Project Updates

What we know

Bridge Location

Across Fall Creek – connecting the 16 Tech Innovation District to the IUPUI medical/research corridor off 10th Street.

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What We're Exploring


Understanding place means understanding a multitude of histories, experiences, and stories.

Image Credit: Indianapolis Historical Society

As a design team, we are committed to learning about the lived experiences of community
members; we believe in asking questions including:

‘What assets and values in your neighborhood are you most proud of?’ ‘What marks the heart of
your community?’ ‘How can design affirm the assets and knowledge that community members have


The energy of any place comes from its people – its stewards and caretakers. The bridge can both
support and be informed by connections among community members.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Exhibit Columbus/ Medle Fruits
Our Process

We are committed to an iterative design process centered around deep listening, accessible
information, and thoughtful conversations with community members.

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Please share your ideas and questions with us.

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What we‘re hearing

In Concept Design, we hosted two community conversations, a month-long survey, an ongoing hotline, and a webpage feedback form to listen to community ideas, feedback, and questions.

From these two months of conversation, we‘ve heard these four design priorities for the16 Tech Bridge:

History and Heritage

Respond to the history, heritage, and visions for the future of adjacent neighborhoods and the mission of 16 Tech through the design

Safety and Accessibility

Create a space that is safe and accessible to all methods of mobility (pedestrians, scooters, wheelchairs, cyclists, people of different ages)

Trails and Connections

Build on efforts in Indianapolis to connect city and nature with trails for walking and cycling

Programming and Events

Integrate community programming into the bridge

How we‘re responding

We are exploring how the bridge can connect to history and 16 Tech’s mission through elements including:

• Historic markers
• Viewpoints to appreciate the social and natural history of the site
• Materials symbolic of history

We are emphasizing designs with dedicated space for bikes and pedestrians.

We are prioritizing how the 16 Tech Bridge will safely link to neighboring trails, share common design experiences, and also develop its own character.

We are exploring people-focused space so that programming/ events can be an opportunity for the bridge.

Get Involved

We are committed to an iterative design process centered around deep listening, accessible information,
and thoughtful conversations with community members.

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The Team

Our team, led by schlaich bergermann partner, includes highly experienced and diverse partners who bring world-class global and local expertise to the project. More than 50% of the design contract is with MBE/ Minority Business Enterprise (PAU, Shrewsberry), disadvantaged, or women-owned/led businesses and organizations (Moniteurs, People for Urban Progress, Martha Schwartz Partners).

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Marya Rose (Chief Administrative Officer, Cummins)
Vop Osili (City County Council President)
Dan Parker (Director, DPW, City of Indianapolis)
Adam Thies (Associate Vice President, Capital Planning, IU)
Bob Coy (President and CEO, 16 Tech Community Corporation)
Sherron Rogers (Chief Financial Officer & Chief Strategy Officer, Eskenazi Health)
Phyllis Boyd (Executive Director, Groundwork Indy)
Carlette Duffy (Flanner Homes Resident)
Kären Haley (Executive Director, Indianapolis Cultural Trail)