Neighborhood Sponsorships

Neighborhood Sponsorships

Supporting our neighbors is core to the mission of 16 Tech Community Corporation and the future of the innovation district.

We work to support our neighbors at various levels through engagement and investment large or small. Neighbors are invited to submit community engagement and sponsorship requests to support community building, education and other neighborhood events.

What do we sponsor?

16 Tech Community Corporation supports neighborhood organizations and projects that help improve the quality of life of our neighbors. Examples of the types of activities and events that can be sponsored:

  • Educational activities, events and programs
  • Community building activities, events and programs
  • Neighborhood events and events hosted by neighborhood organizations

What are the guidelines for submitting a request?

Requests will be considered if sent at least four (4) weeks in advance of the desired commitment date. Applications will be reviewed monthly by the 16 Tech team for approval. Approval decisions will be made based on:

  • Neighborhood geography
  • Alignment with 16 TCC community initiatives
  • Impact for neighbors
  • Budget

We will not support scholarships or sponsorships for individuals.

Do all requests need to be submitted electronically?

Yes, for tracking and approval purposes, all requests must be submitted using the online form highlighted below. We use this online form to assist in the consistency and management of requests.

When and how will I hear back?

Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are expended for the calendar year. The 16 Tech team will review applications and provide written email notification of the sponsorship decision within 60 days of receipt of the sponsorship request: