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16 Tech is where corporate teams branch out and break through. It’s where small teams and startups take their first steps toward greatness. Why not you?

You’ll enjoy a vibrant urban community with an artisan marketplace featuring local food and events and a diverse community of future collaborators. 16 Tech is the ideal place to plug into a local and international community of innovators.

Accelerate at the office space

Featuring private offices, startup garages, desks, meeting rooms and communal areas, the 16 Tech offices can meet the needs of a variety of businesses: solopreneurs, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, and skunkworks teams from larger corporations. Located inside HqO next to the brand-new AMP artisan marketplace and food hall, our flexible office space will help your company reach new heights.


Branch out and break through at 16 Tech.

Claim your space in Indy’s innovation district.