Our Commitment: 16 Tech’s Statement on George Floyd’s Death and Stand Against Racial Injustice

Like many, we’ve struggled for the right words in response to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis and the protests that justly acknowledge the unequal and sometimes murderous ways that police treat black citizens across our country and City. We know that words matter and our words will likely come up short. But 16 Tech Community Corporation is committed to being a part of the solution, acknowledging our mistakes, listening to our westside neighbors and doing better.

We firmly stand against the acts of violence, dehumanization and racial injustice that have continuously haunted black citizens in America, including here in Indianapolis.

As 16 Tech Community Corporation helps to shape the future of the innovation economy, it is our responsibility to acknowledge and understand the long history of racism including in the neighborhood where our development sits, help dismantle that system, and create equitable opportunities for black innovators, makers, business owners and neighbors as well as other individuals from historically marginalized communities.

As a team, we have a growing awareness of the role we play in sustaining negative systemic practices and are committed to analyzing our own biases as well as identifying the steps we must take to produce solutions. This includes self-interrogation and study to unlearn racism and to challenge patterns of power and create equity. We will use those lessons to foster – and be held accountable for creating – a diverse and inclusive innovation district that provides opportunities for everyone.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced…”

~James Baldwin