16 Tech’s Undeniable Progress

Innovation in Action: View the 2022 16 Tech Impact Report where you’ll find stories of success, engagement and insights into what’s ahead for 16 Tech.

Dear Friends,

When I joined 16 Tech five years ago as the second full-time employee and COO, the innovation district existed in concept only and its stakeholders were ready for visible progress following a long period of planning. It was time to show results.

Today, as I approach my first anniversary as the President & CEO, I’m proud to share our first ever Impact Report – and the results are undeniable.

Click the link to see our progress. You’ll find stories about the incredible companies that call 16 Tech home, neighbors who are participating in all aspects of the District and insights into what’s ahead.


16 Tech’s first job was to assemble and prepare the land, historically the site of our city’s water infrastructure. Today, initial public infrastructure is complete, three buildings are home to more than 90 innovation-related organizations, and eight development sites are shovel ready.

While physical space is critical to the overall vision of 16 Tech, we exist as a non-profit to ensure that the space is in service of our mission to accelerate innovation and opportunities for participation in the innovation economy.

That’s why engagement with our neighbors in the Riverside neighborhood has been a part of our work since before 16 Tech was even established. It’s also why ensuring the availability and accessibility of quality entrepreneurial services in 16 Tech is guiding this next phase of 16 Tech’s growth.

In spite of changes to the way people work in recent years, it remains clear that talent needs places to gather, entrepreneurs are more successful when they can quickly connect with resources, and communities that support the growth of their entrepreneurial ecosystem are better positioned to be the economies of the future.

That’s why we’re excited to share our progress with you. We thank you, our partners, and our funders for the continued support of our work!

Emily Krueger

President & CEO, 16 Tech Community Corporation