Meet The

16 Tech Team

The 16 Tech Community Corporation is the 501c3 leading the physical and programmatic development, focused on four distinct areas of work:

  • Placemaking: Oversee the physical development of the district
  • Marketing: Attract companies, teams and talent to central Indiana
  • Programming and Culture: Curate services and programs to foster innovate and create an inclusive culture
  • Community Initiatives: Engage with and contribute meaningfully to our neighboring communities

Meet the team:

Bob Coy
President and CEO
Emily Krueger
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Herzog
Chief Financial Officer
Eric Miller
Director of Business Development
Jacqueline Cromleigh Eckhardt
Director of Communications
Rishard Allen
Community Investment Fund Intern

Innovation Partners

Our Innovation Partners are the visionary leaders and staff members who oversee and operate the key activity centers in 16 Tech’s innovation hub, HqO including 76 Forward, the AMP and Machyne.

Craig Baker
General Manager, The AMP
Erin O'Rourke
Events & Catering Manager, The AMP
Alex Bandar
Executive Director, Machyne
Paul Williams
Workshop Manager, Machyne
Danielle McDowell
Managing Director, 76 Forward
Tamre Mullins
Community Manager, 76 Forward

Street Team

The 16 Tech Street Team serves as a key point of connection to the neighborhoods surrounding 16 Tech. The team is comprised of nearby residents who share updates with their neighbors and listen to neighborhood meetings and informal gatherings to learn how 16 Tech can meaningfully support neighborhood quality-of-life efforts.

Joe Malley
Kerry Noble
Olgen Williams
Olivia Zarate
Ransom Place
Phyllis Hackett